Free Creative Writing Exercises

Here are Some Free Creative Writing Exercises

I’m Stephen Lloyd Webber, founder of Writing Immersion Retreats. Not everyone is physically or financially able to travel across the world for a writing retreat, so I created this free virtual space for creative writers.

Exercises can be a good kick-start for a creative writing project, and they are helpful for maintaining creative writing as a practice. These exercises are grouped into e-courses on a variety of writing topics.

Why These Courses are Free

Many writers who visit this page don’t know who I am. As a way of getting to know me, I want to offer you something of value. Maybe someday you’ll buy a book of mine or come to a retreat with us.


Free Creative Writing Courses

Course 1.  Direct Observation

Do you sometimes get stuck in the details? Have you ever wondered how to write better descriptions?

This course digs deep into the thick of what propels different modes of descriptive writing, taking you through exercises that challenge you to observe again, and observe closer.

The heart of dynamic descriptions is direct observation.

If you’re looking for an original take on writing descriptively, this course is for you.

Course 2.  The Erotic

Let me begin by stating what this course is not. It is not a heavy-breathing, candlelit, adults-only affair. I have a different way of defining the erotic. When human beings go around in the world, they do so with their bodies. We are drenched in sensory phenomena. When a critic or teacher tells you to show, not tell, they’re  hoping your writing will benefit more from the “erotic.”

Course 3.  Poetry and the Spirit

What makes sacred poetry different from other types of writing? What is it about haiku that can stop us dead in our tracks with only a few words? How can writing be a spiritual experience?

This course guides you through some insights into modes of writing that lead to a richer experience of the world around and within you.

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